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Caring for Your Reproductive Health and Embracing Your Feminine Energy

Through the gentle and therapeutic application of herbal steam, Yoni Steaming nurtures and honours the feminine essence, promoting balance, wellness, and deep connection with your body. Experience the potential alleviation of menstrual discomfort, improved reproductive health, enhanced circulation, and the restoration of energetic harmony. Indulge in this transformative practice and embrace the empowering journey of holistic well-being.

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Hormonal Balance

Yoni steaming can help promote hormonal balance by supporting the regulation of menstrual cycles and alleviating symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances.

Vaginal Health

Yoni steaming may help maintain vaginal health by supporting the natural pH balance, reducing the risk of infections, and promoting overall vaginal wellness.

Menstrual Relief

Yoni steaming has been reported to provide relief from menstrual cramps, bloating, and discomfort, helping to ease menstrual symptoms and improve overall menstrual well-being.

Enhanced Fertility

Yoni steaming is believed to improve fertility by increasing blood circulation to the pelvic area, nourishing the reproductive organs, and promoting a healthy reproductive system.

Emotional Well-being

Yoni steaming can have a positive impact on emotional well-being by providing a sacred self-care ritual that fosters a deeper connection with one’s body, promoting self-love, and enhancing overall emotional balance.

Postpartum Healing

Yoni steaming after childbirth can support postpartum healing by aiding in the recovery of the perineal area, promoting tissue repair, and providing soothing relief during the postpartum period.

Health Issues

Have you ever experienced struggles with any of the following?

  • PMS symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, cramps, heavy bleeding, clotting, nausea, or irregular periods
  • Fertility challenges, feeling like something may be amiss despite traditional methods
  • UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial overgrowth, urinary tract infections, IBS, or herpes breakouts
  • Vaginal dryness or itchiness
  • Hormone imbalances such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, causing pain, discomfort, mood swings, or scar tissue
  • Heavy bleeding or spotting
  • Chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, anxiety, or depression
  • Unpleasant odour or a general feeling of being “off” in your sacred space

If you have struggled with any of these issues, know that you’re not alone! That’s why we’re deeply passionate about offering an alternative option to holistically support your body, restore balance to your life, and help you embrace your womanhood. None of the symptoms mentioned above should be considered normal, and it’s time for us to reclaim our beautiful feminine power and reclaim our healthy lives.

We understand that every woman’s journey and experience with Yoni Steaming is unique, and we don’t claim to provide a cure-all solution for these issues. However, we offer a non-invasive option that has already brought balance to the lives of thousands of women—physically, spiritually, and mentally.

During Angie’s personal struggles, she was willing to explore any alternative that didn’t involve surgery or relying on numerous medications. That’s why she’s immensely grateful to have discovered this incredible practice and to share it with you, our beautiful goddesses around the world.

Important Considerations

It’s essential to be aware of potential side effects and contraindications before steaming at home. If you’re uncertain about possible risks or taking specific medications, please consult with a practitioner. We prioritise your well-being and want to provide the right support for you.

Women who should avoid steaming:

  • Pregnant women (as it may increase the risk of miscarriage)
  • Menstruating women (may cause heavier flow and dehydration)
  • Women with tubal ligation (can potentially restore fertility)
  • Women with infections characterised by a “burning itch” (steaming may increase heat)

Women who require a practitioner and should not steam at home:

  • First-time steaming session
  • Menstrual cycles lasting less than 27 days
  • Women experiencing hot flashes or night sweats
  • Women with an IUD (Marina or copper)
  • Young women (13 years or younger)
  • Women prone to yeast infections or with herpes
  • Women on any form of birth control
  • Women taking medication (certain herbs may interact with medications, so it’s important to inform your practitioner about your medication use)
  • Women who consume alcohol within 24 hours of steaming (before and after)

For more information please visit our Precautions & FAQs page:

Yoni Steaming

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