Our Private Float Rooms

You experience the ultimate relaxation in our state-of-the-art float rooms, providing the perfect environment for your float therapy session.

Spacious & Comfortable

You enjoy a more open, spacious, and exquisite environment for a truly memorable and beneficial experience.

Peaceful Atmosphere

The sheer spaciousness and soundproofing contribute to a quiet environment, promoting deep relaxation and tranquillity, the deepest rest on Earth.

Freedom of Movement

You enjoy a generously proportioned totally private float room that  ensures that you have the freedom to move without any constraints. You can find your ideal floating position and fully embrace the weightless sensory deprivation experience.

Reduced Claustrophobia

You can stand up in our float rooms. They provide a more open and reassuring atmosphere for those who may feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable in enclosed spaces. 

Luxurious Features

European-imported float rooms featuring spacious design, elegant aesthetics, Pacific Blue LEDs, enveloping sound, deep clean filtration, and enchanting starlit ceilings. Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in state-of-the-art luxury.


Underwater Pacific Blue LEDs create a tranquil tropical blue-lagoon atmosphere within the spacious interior.


 The powerful filtration system runs for 15 minutes after each session and includes a Quantum Cleaner. The result is a tub of a pristine solution in which to float.

Amazing Starlight Ceiling

Enjoy the enchanting ambiance created by our starlit ceiling during your floatation session.

Easy Access

Large doorway designed for easy entry and exit, convenient handles and slip-resistant floor provide safety, comfort, and security.

What we provide

Experience the ultimate relaxation in our world-leading state-of-the-art float facilities, designed to provide the perfect environment for your float therapy session.

Showers & Towels

Luxurious showers with premium natural toiletries to refresh before and after your float and freshly laundered towels.

Friendly & Supportive Team

Our knowledgeable and friendly team are ready to assist you throughout your float journey.

Peaceful & Private

A tranquil and serene environment designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.


“I had such a beautiful float experience that I booked two more for the following weeks straight away! Beautiful space, calm and serene atmosphere and amazing and caring service from booking to after the float. Renee  was fantastic and the private float room was great. Big bonus for chemical free shampoo and conditioner!! Can’t wait for my next float! Highly recommend it!!”



“I’m so happy Float Away opened in Broadbeach. I’ve had the most relaxing and soothing experience using the infrared sauna and floating baths. I’ve been twice in one week. Extremely clean and fabulous service. The location is perfect for tourists. Central in Oasis Shopping Centre. Brilliant….. I love it.”

A. Mae