Welcome to Floating Away, a sanctuary of serenity and rejuvenation, established in March 2023 by our dedicated founders, Henry Koster and his wife. With an unwavering passion for wellness, they embarked on a quest to create a haven where you can escape the chaos of everyday life. After an extensive search, they carefully sourced premier equipment, including spacious float rooms and world-leading infrared saunas, ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. As you step into our oasis, be prepared to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery guided by our wellness-focused team. Be ready to unwind, find solace in tranquillity, and immerse yourself in the boundless benefits of relaxation. Welcome to Floating Away, where we help turn your wellness dreams into a reality.

Our Float Family

At Floating Away, our team is guided by Renee Rowland, our dedicated manager and part owner. We truly embody our philosophy that “Your team is your family.” Each team member brings unique skills, expertise, and beautiful personality to create a welcoming and nurturing environment. We are proud to have an amazing team who genuinely believe in our therapies’ life-changing power and, love witnessing the positive results experienced by our guests and members. While we maintain professionalism in our interactions, we do love to have a laugh along the way.

6-Star Quality Facilities & Service

We take pride in providing exceptional facilities and services that cater to your ultimate relaxation and well-being. Step into our world-leading spacious float rooms, where you can effortlessly float, letting go of external stresses and embracing a state of pure bliss. Our infrared saunas offer soothing warmth that penetrates deep into your muscles, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation. Additionally, our team includes an expert Yoni practitioner who is dedicated to supporting your reproductive health and empowering your feminine energy. With our comprehensive range of offerings and the expertise of our team, we are committed to delivering a truly transformative experience for each and every guest.


Choose a monthly membership and enjoy 15% off all additional services!


1 x Float Pass 60 Min Per Month


1 x Sauna 30-45 Min Per Month


1 x Yoni Steam 20 Min Per Month

Membership Terms & Conditions

  • No joining fee
  • 2 month minimum commitment only.
  • Cancellation approved in writing 60 days prior to end date.
  • Memberships are paid monthly by credit card until you cancel as above.
  • Sessions roll over to the next month if not used, but only for one month.
  • Gift your rollover sessions to a friend or family member, to be used within one month.
  • We do not issue refunds on unused or expired sessions.
  • Enjoy additional services at special membership discount 15% off

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