father’s day special $99

Gift your Dad with a blissful Health package!


Single Infrared Sauna 45 Min + Magnesium Float Therapy 1 Hour + Free Pouch of Pure Epsom Salt

Double float

What is Float therapy?

Float Therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or isolation tank therapy, was developed in the 1950s by neuropsychiatrist Dr. John C. Lilly. Initially, floatation was used for scientific research on consciousness and the effects of sensory deprivation. Over time, these crude tanks evolved into therapeutic tools in the pursuit of wellness and self-discovery, offering individuals a unique environment to escape external stimuli and immerse themselves in a state of deep relaxation.

Today, float therapy has become a recognised holistic practice for its benefits of profound relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity.  It provides a sanctuary where individuals can reconnect with the inner self, recharge their energy, and embark on (or advance) a journey of self-discovery.

How does it work?

Float therapy works by lying your body in a specialised float room with a high concentration of Epsom salt in 25cm of water and at 35oC (body temperature). The saltwater solution provides buoyancy, allowing you to float on the surface. As you disconnect from external stimuli, such as sound and light, your body and mind enter a state of deep relaxation, promoting stress reduction, pain relief, and enhanced mental clarity.

Sensory Deprivation

Indulge in deep relaxation as you enter an environment devoid of external stimuli.

Buoyancy and Weightlessness

Achieve a sensation of weightlessness by floating effortlessly on the surface of the water.

Epsom Salt Solution

The high concentration of Epsom salt in the water allows your body to effortlessly float and promotes muscle relaxation.

Healing Environment

The ease with which you float alleviates pressure on your joints and muscles, providing a sense of relief and freedom of movement.


Experience the transformative power of float therapy as you let go of external distractions, reconnect with your inner self, and embark on a journey of profound relaxation and wellness.

What is an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas utilise safe wavelengths of light, known as infrared, which we perceive as soothing heat. It’s just like the warmth we feel from sources like heated sand on the beach or fire, infrared heat surrounds us. 55% of the sun’s rays are in the infrared spectrum. It’s the largest natural source of infrared, the healing part of the sun. Unlike harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared waves are gentle and offer numerous benefits for the body.

By increasing thermal energy within, infrared saunas have been shown to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate muscle and joint pain, aid in weight loss, improve circulation, and even cleanse skin pores. Join the growing wellness community in embracing the health benefits and invigorating effects of infrared saunas – simply put, they make you feel good.

HOw does it work?

Infrared heat penetrates deeply, while colour therapy harmonises energies, promoting relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

Deep Healing Heat

The penetrating warmth reaches deep into your muscles and tissues.

Relaxation and Detoxification

Infrared heat stimulates circulation, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation.

Colourful Wellness Journey

Chromotherapy harnesses the healing energies of different colours.

Near, Mid & Far Light Synergy

The benefits of infrared heat and colour therapy through near and far light wavelengths.


Our Sunlighten™ infrared saunas, via the 3 wavelengths in the spectrum, promote perspiration to induce a deep detoxifying, natural process that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.


This was my first ever float experience and my only regret was I didn’t do it sooner. The facilities are super clean, the rooms are relaxing and private and Renae and Henry who looked after me were super friendly and informative. It’s a great way to relax especially if you’re on holidays. Give it a go! The tea you get at the end was delicious.

leanne ryan


Lovely and clean facility. I’ve been a floater for over a year now, and was the first time trying a Float Room, I appreciated the high ceilings and galaxy lights. Moreso, this facility uses Magnesium Sulfate imported from Germany, I’ve experienced epsom salt that is imported from China, and the quality of the water really is different. German epsom salt makes the water more silky, as opposed to Chinese epsom salt. And this makes a huge difference to your skin post float. The team also made my experience welcoming and enjoyable. Look forward to floating here again 😊 Highly recommend 10/10!

Carla Costa


What a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning after a long work week. Henry and Renee are so welcoming and as this was my first floating experience I was a bit unsure of what to expect . All I can say is ‘take the plunge!’ Take ten to enjoy a herbal tea in their beautiful lounge area to finish off this beautiful and tranquil experience, Perfect gift for a Christmas pressie and so many packages to choose from.

Tracey Wickham



What is included in the Father's Day special package?

The package includes a 45-minute single infrared sauna session and a 1-hour float therapy session for $99 for you and your partner.

Where is Floating Away located?

We are located at Level 1, Oasis Broadbeach Shopping Centre.

How do I book the Father's Day special package?

You can book the package by calling us directly or visiting our website.

What should I bring for the sessions?

We provide everything you need, including towels and toiletries. Just bring yourself and be ready to relax.

Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

Please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule or cancel. We will explain our cancellation policy at the time of booking.